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The fast, low cost assembly alternative to spot welding, rivets, and screws. Manual or automated assembly solutions available.

SAVE MONEY - Switch to Tog-L-Loc®!菠菜明灯火猫电玩

An animation showing the Tog-L-Loc process

Tog-L-Loc® (pronounced tog-uhl-lŏk) is a process known as clinching which cold-forms the part metal using a special punch and die to form a strong interlocking clinch joint. The result of the process is a round, button shaped extrusion on the die side of the assembly, and a small cylindrical cavity on the punch side. The clinch joint requires only the sheet metals that were joined. No external fasteners, or welding is utilized in the process.

Tog-L-Loc® Joint Example (Button Side)

Tog-L-Loc® Joint Button Side

Tog-L-Loc® Cross Section Diagram

Tog-L-Loc® Joint Cross Section

A few example parts joined with Tog-L-Loc®!菠菜电玩城代理

Automotive Hood

Automotive Hood

Washing Machine Shell


Garage Door

Garage Doors



Electrical Terminal

Electrical Terminal

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A quick video demonstrating Tog-L-Loc® clinching.

Finite element analysis of a Tog-L-Loc® joint.

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  • Joins plain, coated, and dissimilar metals - without burning the coating.
  • A clinching process - No rivets, screws, or other fasteners are used.
  • Eliminates spot welding operations.
  • Long tool life: 300,000 joints common.
  • Joints are created in a single press stroke.
  • Non-Destructive testing with a simple gage.
  • Strong, leak-proof joints are highly fatigue resistant.
  • Environmentally Friendly process - Creates no sparks, fumes, or soot.


The following sections contain general information about the product.

A typical Tog-L-Loc® clinch joint is created in under a second and features three basic steps as shown in this cross section diagram:

Tog-L-Loc Joining Steps An animation of the Tog-L-Loc clinching process

  • 菠菜电玩城有外挂吗 A punch side stripper clamps the metals to be joined.
  • 菠菜电玩城改名 Next, a punch draws the metals into a die.
  • 菠菜电玩总部 The Tog-L-Loc die has moving blades which expand, allowing the metals to flow into a strong circular interlock.

The end result is a vibration resistant, leakproof clinch joint created without the use of expensive external fasteners or heat to hinder the effect of coatings.

The Tog-L-Loc® joining method is relied upon and trusted by industries around the world manufacturing a diverse range of products.

From pre-painted microwave housings to delicate solar collectors, aluminum and electro coated galvanized steel automotive hoods, aluminized heat shields, galvanized ductwork, garage doors, small dissimilar metal electrical components, and even steel frame housing, Tog-L-Loc® has become a trusted name in sheet metal joining. Contact BTM today to see how Tog-L-Loc® can reduce the cost of producing your product.

Click on an industry to view examples of parts & assemblies joined using a BTM Clinching Solution.

BTM has a long history of designing and building both standard and special equipment to help you successfully implement cost saving Tog-L-Loc® clinching solutions. From standard punch & die tooling to complex multi-process automated systems, BTM can design and build a solution that is right for you.

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Watch the Tog-L-Loc® process in action by viewing the following videos:菠菜电玩城龙虎斗技巧

A quick video showing the Tog-L-Loc® clinching process in action.

Tog-L-Loc® used in the assembly of an automotive brake pedal bracket.

A multiple process special machine uses Tog-L-Loc® in the assembly of garage door panels.


If you are considering Tog-L-Loc® for your project, please contact us by email, by using our simple contact form, or by calling us at 菠菜电玩城版下载 (M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm) to establish contact with a BTM Application Engineer.

First, let us know what material your part is made from. Call us at 菠菜电玩城骗子 (8:00am to 4:30pm (16:30) Eastern Time (same as New York), or email us through our simple Contact Form.

Also, send a drawing of your part so accessibility to your clinch joint locations can be determined (by email: sales@, fax: +1 (810) 364-4125, or BTM's FTP site for large drawings.) Upon acceptance BTM will join your part for 菠菜电玩城6060, beyond shipping and packaging costs. (Note: No additional charge will be made for packaging when parts are sent in a container large enough to ship the completed assembly back to you.)

In addition, BTM will also provide you with a test report to document what shear and peel strength you can expect from your material.

By sending us (40) 25 x 100mm (1 x 4in) strips of both the punch and die side materials, 苹果菠菜电玩城怎么没有了, we will provide a documented report showing best shear and peel strength to be used to monitor clinch joint strength during production.

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Tog-L-Loc® will clinch join most common sheet metals with the exception of 300 series non-magnetic stainless steel and martensitic steel. Mild steel is commonly joined including galvanized steel, electro coated galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, aluminum, copper, brass and dissimilar metal combinations of various thicknesses, hardness, and coatings are commonly joined.

The typical range of the total metal thickness of the sheets being joined is between 1.0mm (.04in) and 7.8 (.31in).

When materials are hard BTM Lance-N-Loc tooling offers a solution.

Tog-L-Loc® clinch joint strength is determined by the type and thickness of the materials on both the punch and die side. Clinch joints are stronger when the punch side material is thicker than the die side material.

Listed below are charts which contain generalized菠菜电玩儿 joint data for some common mild steel applications. This data is for general use only菠菜电玩城新官网 and should not be considered to be correct for every joining application. For optimum strength values, samples of specific alloys and coatings to be used in production may be submitted to BTM for testing.

BTM manufactures a wide range of size and mounting types of Tog-L-Loc® dies that are designed to accommodate various joining situations. The minimum distance requirements for each size of 940 Series Tog-L-Loc® die is charted below. Other non-standard Tog-L-Loc® Dies may be available. Contact BTM for more information.


An illustration showing minimum distances for Tog-L-Loc clinch joints
  •   As "E" (bend radius) increases from 0.8mm [.03in], add amount of increase to "B" dimension.
  •   All noted dimensions are minimum values unless otherwise specified.
  •   If "C" Dimension increases, "D" dimension may also be affected.
菠菜电玩城老的 菠菜电玩城下载地址 菠菜电玩城怎么破解 菠菜电玩城下载 苹果玩不了菠菜电玩城了吗 电玩菠菜软件 菠菜电玩城老板
An example of a 940 Series Tog-L-Loc Stepped Short Insert Die


A*菠菜电玩城扑鱼技巧 12.50mm [.492"] 14.00mm [.551"] 16.50mm [.650"] 19.50mm [.768"] 22.50mm [.886"]
电玩菠菜 magnet 6.8mm [.27"] 7.5mm [.30"] 8.8mm [.35"] 10.3mm [.41"] 11.8mm [.46"]
菠菜电玩app 3.0mm [.12"] 3.8mm [.15"] 4.6mm [.18"] 5.5mm [.22"] 6.4mm [.25"]
菠菜的电玩城 24.0mm [.94"] 28.5mm [1.12"] 28.5mm [1.12"] 35.5mm [1.40"] 40.0mm [1.57"]
收菠菜电玩城的旧帐号 0.8mm [.03"] 0.8mm [".03"] 0.8mm [.03"] 0.8mm [.03"] 0.8mm [.03"]

菠菜电玩城捕鱼安卓版 Making Tog-L-Loc® clinch joints with noted minimum distances requires a special stripper block.

Other Tog-L-Loc® Dies may be available. Contact BTM for more information.

Some common part configurations are shown below. The location of a clinch joint on the part must provide enough material for both the punch and die side tooling to join.

  • Overlap 1.) Overlap
  • Angle and Sheet 2.) Angle and Sheet
  • Angle and Sheet Sandwich 3.) Angle and Sheet Sandwich
  • "T" and Sheet 4.) "T" and Sheet
  • Standing Flange 5.) Standing Flange
  • Outside Edge Flange 6.) Outside Edge Flange
  • Brim to Brim 7.) Brim to Brim
  • Hat on Sheet 8.) Hat on Sheet
  • "U" and Sheet 9.) "U" and Sheet
  • "U's" Side to Side 10.) "U's" Side to Side
  • Inside Edge Flange 11.) Inside Edge Flange
  • "U" and Sheet 12.) "U" and Sheet
  • "U's" Bottom to Bottom 13.) "U's" Bottom to Bottom
  • Square Tube and Sheet 14.) Square Tube and Sheet
  • Round Tube and Sheet 15.) Round Tube and Sheet
  • Joggle Overlap Tube Seam 16.) Joggle Overlap Tube Seam
  • Two Piece Full Corner Overlap 17.) Two Piece Full Corner Overlap
  • Full Corner Joggle Overlap 18.) Full Corner Joggle Overlap
  • 45 Degree Corner Overlap 19.) 45° Corner Overlap
  • Corner Joggle Overlap with Ret. Flange 20.) Corner Joggle Overlap with Ret. Flange
  • Hat Inside U 21.) Hat Inside "U"

Note: See our 940 Series Tog-L-Loc® Tooling Catalog for detailed information.正版菠菜电玩城

The information contained on this page is for standard tooling - custom solutions are available. Contact BTM for more information.77菠菜电玩城

940 Series Tog-L-Loc tooling diagram 940 Series Tog-L-Loc Tooling
(Click image for a larger view)

There are two primary components to the Tog-L-Loc® clinching process: a punch, and a die. These patented tools are specially designed to clinch sheet metal creating a strong, circular; leak-proof clinch joint.

Tog-L-Loc® tool sizes are measured at the punch tip diameter. There are currently six standard Tog-L-Loc® tool sizes: 3.0mm [.12in], 3.8mm [.15in], 4.6mm [.18in], 5.5mm [.22in], 6.4mm [.25in], and 7.6mm [.30in]. Tog-L-Loc tool size is measured from the punch tip diameter.

Choosing the correct tool size for an application depends on factors such as the desired amount of strength that a clinch joint should have, the type and thickness of the materials being joined, and the amount of space that is available to make a clinch joint. This information is typically resolved during sample joining at BTM.


Tog-L-Loc® punches feature a slight radius around the tip which allows the punch to control the lateral flow of the sheet metals without piercing or lancing them. The appropriate "Punch Tip Radius (PTR)" for an application is determined through testing at BTM.

Tog-L-Loc Punch


940 Series Punch Retention
菠菜电玩城在app搜索不到了 - This punch style features a spherical washer designed to precisely locate the punch and provide an easy means of extracting it from a holder.


BTM manufactures standard punch holders in three basic styles: Round Holders (for die set mounting), Shank Holders, and Thin Holders.*

Tog-L-Loc Punch Holders

* Not all holder styles are available for all Tog-L-Loc® punches.


Tog-L-Loc® 940 series dies are available. Other non-standard Tog-L-Loc® Dies may also be available. Contact BTM for more information.


菠菜电玩城的金花斗地主 - Dies in this series feature three moving blades surrounded by a built in die shield.

Special punches and dies for unusual applications can be developed upon request. Contact the BTM Application Engineering department.

940 Series Stepped Short Insert Die


Standard Tog-L-Loc® die holders are available for a number of Tog-L-Loc® dies. See our 940 Series Tog-L-Loc® Tooling Catalog for more information.

Download a Product Catalog to find technical information about the product. Download the User's Guide if you have already purchased the product.

BTM offers free downloads of our 3D CAD Files. You will need to sign up for an account to access the files, if you do not already have one.

Your part may qualify for a 菠菜电玩城斗地主 Sample Joining. Would you like to know if Tog-L-Loc® is compatible with your application?
Talk to an Application Engineer at 菠菜电玩城玩不了 or by email at sales@. Business hours are 8am-4:30pm ET Mon-Fri. Alternatively, you can fill out this simple form:

Tog-L-Loc® Contact Form
i The Punch Side has the "cavity" side of the clinch joint. Punch Side and Button Side Example Note: Thicker material usually goes on the punch side.
i The Die Side has the "button" side of the clinch joint. Punch Side and Button Side Example Note: Thicker material usually goes on the punch side.

* - Denotes a Required Field.

BTM also offers the following sheet metal clinching solutions:


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